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About Us
Ben Gilada former strategy professor at Rutgers Management School; author of Business Blindspots and Business War Games; founder of the largest competitive-intelligence training institute in the world (ACI); twenty-five years’ experience in running role-play, strategic intelligence-based war-game workshops for corporations in every imaginable industry and on every inhabitable continent. Yes, that includes Australia.

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Mark Chussil, founder of ACS, a pioneer in quantitative business war games and advanced strategy simulators; thirty-five years’ experience in competitive strategy; one patent granted and another pending on simulation technology; extensive publications; war games, business-specific simulations, and workshops with dozens of Fortune 500 companies on six continents, resulting in billions of dollars made or saved.

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We are SYNC.

We are a joint venture of
Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc. (ACS) and the Academy of Competitive Intelligence, Inc. (ACI).

We have run hundreds of strategy “war games” on six continents and in almost every industry. We have helped Fortune 500 companies make or save billions of dollars and we have helped thousands of strategists become better strategists.

What we discovered during our combined half-century of games is that learning comes from surprise, and that the best surprises come from managers surprising themselves.

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