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How to Save Your Job (and Corporate Universities)

An essay by SYNC partners Ben Gilad and Mark Chussil

From the essay:
"The skill of paying attention to market dynamics is what’s missing from almost all the executive-development programs we’ve encountered, where the focus is intensely internal. Note the spreadsheet-strategy syndrome (side effect, overconfidence): this is what we will do, and our competitors will do whatever we need them to do. Business war-gamers learn to demand, and produce, better analysis."
Take Risks, Not Gambles

An article by SYNC partners Ben Gilad and Mark Chussil. Published May 17, 2012, by IEDP (International Executive Development Programs).

From the article:
"Leaders are blessed with optimism, passion and vision. No one wants to follow a pessimist. They are also cursed with over-optimism, overconfidence, and ’business blindspots’ of blinders and denial. If you get to future leaders early enough in their careers you can dramatically expand their view of the world and their approach to strategy and planning. If you wait, the blinders close in.

"If you are an executive you need to take risks, but not stupid gambles. Why, in the name of all the formerly 'excellent' companies that have gone into a tail spin, would you not test your strategic moves, strategic thinking, and strategic ideas before you commit, through the most-effective stress-test methodologies available to leaders anywhere?"