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SYNC Strategy
The Program
Do you learn by listening to the soothing monotony of PowerPoint slides? Of course not. That’s why we don’t teach that way. SYNC is learning-by-doing.

The SYNC program demonstrates how strategic thinking syncs with competitive reality. Using case studies, innovative simulations, and other exercises, participants see the world through competitors’ eyes and learn to recognize their own blinders.

Why strategies fail, the most common and detrimental planning biases, the meaning of blind spots, techniques for reading other people’s minds, and tools for developing an external perspective.

Taking their learning and applying it to their work is next. Focusing on a business unit you choose, we take participants through a role-playing competitive-dynamics exercise. They gain a fresh look at the business' strategic options and a much deeper understanding of “we do not compete in a vacuum.”

The myth that strategy is easy and implementation is hard, the importance of thinking like the other side(s), and the value of safe confrontation.

And there’s more. SYNC distills two lifetimes of top-level competitive-strategy expertise into a mindset-changing workshop. By the end of the workshop, your managers will have learned the kind of strategic thinking and methods that have helped our clients make or save billions of dollars.

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