SYNC Strategy
SYNC: Executive development in strategic thinking

Light bulbs go on

SYNC is an intensive workshop

We take a group of your rising-star managers for two or three days. We transform them from internally focused tacticians into externally focused strategists.

They experience firsthand what it means to sync their thinking with their competitive realities. They surprise themselves with what they learn, and they never again look at strategy the same way.

Our guarantee

Your people come out changed or we refund your money.


Our simulations are intense. The interaction is intense. Our program is intense. This is no lecture; this is immersion. People talk about our sessions for years. If this isn't your company’s style of preparing future leaders, don’t go with us.

Sample program

Click here to see a downloadable description of a typical SYNC program.

An essential skill

Click here to read about the essential skill your people learn with SYNC in "How to Save Your Job (and Corporate Universities)."