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Testimonials and Praise

When I heard I'd be attending a two-day strategy-based work session with a new client, I prepared myself for a traditional boardroom snooze-fest thick with self-serving comments and time-wasting trust falls.

“Then I met Dr. Ben Gilad.

“Filled with a fiery eyed, no bullshit passion, Dr. Gilad led us through his War Games and destroyed every pre-conceived notion I had of corporate workshops. With no direct connection to the brands we were analyzing, Dr. Gilad fearlessly exposed internal weaknesses others were afraid to address. Every exercise provided the group with new tools designed to cut through the crap and develop a revived business model.

“War Games aren't for the faint of heart. If you're looking for someone to coddle fragile egos and follow the company handbook on politically correct statements, then go somewhere else. But if you want to lead your organization into battle armed with a foolproof strategy to stand strong against any competitor, hire Dr. Ben Gilad.”

Kate Kemp, The Marketing Arm

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“The war game designed and facilitated by ACS delivered two game-changing results. First, we were able to arrive at a decision on a very tricky and challenging subject where such a decision had eluded us for months. Second, we created a new cross-functional internal experience that is so groundbreaking that it has unleashed new energies in our team.”

C-level executive, multi-billion-dollar global company (names withheld by request for competitive reasons)

“I interacted with Mark Chussil during a war game and strategy workshop he ran for our company. I was extremely impressed by his personality, quality of thinking and preparation. His focus on the task at hand and the outcomes needed were always sharp and he worked tirelessly to keep us all focused.”

Arunabh Das Sharma, Executive President & Advisor Strategic Initiatives, Bennett Coleman and Co.

“Mark Chussil conducted a workshop at our company. The workshop was designed to get participants to realize inherent human biases that have a deep impact on the outcome of strategic planning. Mark used numerous examples and engaged the participants in role-playing. Feedback from my team members was excellent. I recommend Mark’s workshop to anyone interested in improving a strategic planning process.”

Cyrille Michel, Senior Vice President, Blount, Inc.

For more testimonials, go to the testimonials on ACS' website or Mark's LinkedIn profile.

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